At birth

At birth

Your Doula is on call for you 24/7 from week 38 until you birth. As labour starts she will come as soon as you feel you need her.

During labour

  • She is there for you exclusively, and she will stay with you throughout the birth making sure you are as comfortable as possible
  • Because she has gotten to know you, she can facilitate communication with the birth team
  • If you need it she will be your translator
  • Birth happens in you body. Only you know what you are feeling. Your Doula will encourage you to follow your body’s lead
  • If needed she will suggest positions or movements that may help you be more comfortable and possibly aid the progression of your birth
  • She may be your photographer at birth if you wish
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doula pushing

Immediately after birth

  • You Doua will do her best to facilitate the “magical 1st hour” of bonding with your baby
  • She will support you for the delivery of the placenta and through any postpartum interventions if needed
  • She wil help you settle in to you 1st hours together
Phone: +1 800 245 39 25