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Since to beginning of time Doula figures have been a part of women's births. These women passed down knowledge and experience and made sure the mother was well prepared. The Midwife or Dr could count on her to keep everyone confortable. Today in our modern world, professional Doulas, continue to support couples in this way. Doulas understand what facilitates physiology as well as the reasons for medical interventions.

Doctors and Midwives take care of the clinical aspects of care and provide emotional support, as and when they are able to, while Doulas exclusively focus on emotional, physical and practical support. Doulas are a familiar and friendly face amongst the many new people attending a birth in some settings.

Guide to preparing my birth

The experience of birth is quite unique to each mom, each birth even. And how you experience it depends on what you expect. What you expect...

Preparing my body

You’ve probably heard birth described as a marathon. It is. Your uterus is the muscle doing the “running”. How do you prepare...

Preparing my mind

You have probably heard the saying “your mind is a powerful thing”. It is, and you can train it to help you in birth.

Preparing my soul

Your soul where your deep imprints and emotions lay. the richness of your relationships, the sorrow and your strength also live there.

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