Doula Fees

Doula support fees vary depending on their experience and the service they offer.

Fees go from 850 to 1600 CHF for the full service. This includes includes 2-4 prenatal visits, 24/7 availability for the “on call period” (as of week 38), labor and birth support and 1-2 post natal visits.

We prefer to work with a back-up doula, “just in case…” This means that, you will have met a second doula that will attend your birth, if YOUR  doula is unable to be at your birth for any reason. Unforeseen or not (because of  previously discussed engagements).

Other arrangements are possible up on discussion. This means that if you only need a doula for a specific part of your pregnancy, birth or postpartum period, this can be arranged and fees adjusted.

If you only want one single visit fees go from 65 to 115 CHF . Visits last 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

Some doulas accept bartering, so if you have a skill or product that she might be interested in, it is worth discussing it.

Phone: +1 800 245 39 25