Preparing your body

Preparing your body

You’ve probably heard birth described as a marathon.
It is. Your uterus is the muscle doing the “running”.
How do you prepare for a marathon ?

You will need stamina, good nutrition
and healthy muscles, joints and ligaments

For stamina, you need to get your heart pumping a few minutes every other day. If you already are marathon runner you will have to adapt to the needs of your changing body. If you don’t move much, go for walks, ow swims. Anything that will keep you active and build your stamina. I Love and strongly recommend  Spinning Babies‘ classes “Daily essentials”  and “Parent class“. This are amazing videos that you can stream for a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of birth and how to prepare your body.

If you would rather order the DVDs  click on the following links for : Daily essentials  or  Parent Class


Good nutrition means eating smart. The food you eat becomes the building blocks for your body and health. If you are well nourished your body can handle growing a baby, and it can keep you healthy and heal faster.
Your placenta will be healthy, you will greatly reduce chances or effects of bleeding, it will give you more energy etc. You will also recover faster from the strain of birth. So, eat a good amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat and fish.
Eat fresh food and avoid processed foods. Pickled food is great to maintain a healthy microbiome. Stay away from refined sugar and sugary drinks.


INTERESTING FACTS. – Sugar alters the perception of the taste of other foods and is highly addictive (cravings and all). So, keep it to the minimum or fully avoid it and you will rediscover the amazing taste of fresh food, and your body will thank you.

A little ice cream or chocolate from time to time is okay (thank god), but you will find you crave it a lot less.


Healthy muscles, joints, ligaments and fascia.
Your body transforms a lot during pregnancy.

Picture your uterus as a balloon, attached to the pelvic bones by 4 sets of ligaments. It is nested over the pelvic floor and amongst the soft tissues inside the pelvis. So, the position of your uterus will be determined by its alignment amongst all of theses. If the ligaments and fascia are released and stretchy they allow the uterus to be aligned properly, the baby’s position will be optimal and later his descent and passage through the pelvis will be easier.

What you can do:

  • Be mindful of your posture. Sit on your sitting bones, open your legs.
  • Stretch and exercices at least once a week (
  • Take some prenatal yoga classes
  • Visit you osteopath if you have back of pubic pain
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