Transforming pain

Transforming pain

Let’s start by understanding what the sensations of birth mean. They may be telling you to move or change positions, eat something etc.
The sensations tell you where the baby is in his journey. This is physiology. When you feel calm and your body is relaxed the hormones of love (oxytocin) do their job without resistance. When the sensations are “welcomed” and listened to the perception of pain is greatly reduced because your body releases endorphins. Birth high!

On the other hand, fear and apprehension cause the release of stress hormones (catecholamine and adrenaline). These, signal the muscles to constrict to send the blood flow away from the uterus and non-essential organs. This is survival mode or “fight or flight”. Contractions in a constricted muscle are more painful and less effective.

Pain tension fear adrenaline and catecholamine

Childbirth like any physical effort may have its part of discomfort, strain. Training your mind to bring relaxation that spreads through your body takes your back to the optimal hormonal cycle.

Relaxation Oxytocin endorphins

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