I đź’— MY DOULA (testimonials)

“Hiring E, my doula, quite literally changed my life. Not only was she a caring and effective agent for healing the trauma from my difficult and disappointing first birth during my empowering and beautiful second birth, but she inspired me to become a doula in order to give that same gift to other women who want a respectful, knowledgeable, and supportive presence during childbirth. I am forever grateful!l”

Shannon 2004

“John and I are so grateful to have had Elena’s support leading up to and during the birth of our precious daughter. Elena’s deep experience and expertise as a doula really helped to provide us with the comfort and confidence we needed. We are reasonably new to living in Switzerland and I felt quite nervous about giving birth here (I had our first daughter in Australia and don’t speak French well!) – having Elena made a huge difference! Elena consistently checked in to see how we were going, providing strong reassurance, support and care and answering our questions along the way.  Elena also brought a fresh perspective for us with her knowledge and understanding of the physiological aspects of birth. This was an invaluable help during the birth – I attribute this guidance from Elena to one of the major reasons I was able to have such a positive, empowering, natural birth experience. Thank you 1,000 times over Elena – we wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for a doula!”

Joanne 2020

“She brings the wisdom and experience of all moms. We were lucky to have such a, compassionate  and wise woman to guide us and listen to our worries .”

Kate 2017

“Dear Mom, Dad and babies, Thank you for sharing these wonderful moments with me. It was a real pleasure. This was the beginning of your story, dear little one, welcome to this world. Have a wonderful life!!!!”


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