Birth Plan

What are my choices in birth?

Who do I want in my birth? Who would get in the way?
Is it important for me to have the same people through out?
How do I feel about meeting the team I will birth with on “D” day?
How do I communicate with the caregivers ? Is it realistic to use a birth plan?
What kind of interventions do I find helpful?
All these questions can find answers through writing a birth plan.

You want to enjoy your birth in your way. You want your baby to arrive in a way you feel good and at peace about.


Birth plans are a great communication tool and a “choice” barometer.  Keep in mind that  caregivers that actually share your point of view find it easier to comply with your wishes. Doctors and midwives, like most people, prefer to work from their comfort zone. Make sure you choose the right ones.

Think hard. Do your research.Face your fears. Listen to your instincts (gut feeling). 

And choose well and then TRUST.

Write a Birth Plan and talk about it with your team.

Make sure to include

A  letter of introduction stating why you trust the team to work with you towards your goals.

A summary, easy to read and identify with several copies for: Doula, Nurse, Dr and you. Colorful, fun, to the point. Any thing that makes it attractive to read.

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