Essential guide to preparing my birth


Essential guide to preparing my birth

The experience of birth is quite unique to each mom; Each birth even. How you experience it depends on what you expect. What you expect depends mostly, on how you prepare.

Choosing the right place, as well as as a team that shares your vision for your birth is crucial. Be thorough. Each place and team works from their own perspective and practices vary greatly depending on the setting.

A great tool is your birth plan. It reflects what is important for YOU. How the different teams react to your preferences will help you see if it’s the right fit for you. If, for any reason, you have to adapt to a team that does not share your beliefs, using the birth plan as a communication tool, will make it easier to find common ground.

A little secret: Childbirth happens in your body, your mind and your soul. They are forever intertwined. What happens in one reverberates and is transformed through the others.

So, preparing “from every angle” is pretty much a given.

Picture a mobile. Every piece moves in harmonic interaction with each other. When one of its parts is manipulated all others shift in reaction and either find another balance or the beautiful mobility is hindered.

In the same way, Birth is the interaction of the thoughts, emotions and positions of your body with the secretion of hormones and the action of muscles and ligaments as well as baby’s movements. They all act and react on each other. Medical interventions after this balance. And should not be decided lightly

You can optimize this “harmony” by preparing your mind, body and soul.

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