Preparing your soul

Preparing your soul

Your soul where your deep imprints and emotions lay. the richness of your relationships, the sorrow and your strength also live there.

What role does this play in your birth ? Pregnancy and birth as well as the first few months of you baby’s life are transformative moments. It is common for parents to visit past experiences and relationships during this period. Pregnancy is a catalytic moment to work through issues you may have, as sometimes, these issues affect labor. A professional may be needed, but more often, voicing the fears, concerns or stories is enough to transform them from a weight to a strength. Your Doula is a god listener. Never underestimate the power of venting and/or sharing.

Hypnosis and sophrology can be very good tools to effectively work through your concerns and the influence certain relationships have or had on you.


Throughout your life you may find that your spirituality can be great source of strength, acceptance, and belief in yourself.
Birth is no different. It is common for a mother to have symbols of her believes at her birth. Weather it is mantras, prayers, stones or figurines. What they represent is valuable. You can hold on to your faith’s symbols or bring in elements that sped to you. It is always worth it.

Childrearing is community thing. You will find that having a community that understands and identifies what you are going through will get you through the bumps. Your friends and family might be enough, or you may seek other circles. You can begin by taking prenatal classes and continue socializing with the mothers in your group or you may join a support group such as LA LECHE LEAGUE. Sharing and listening to other experiences will give you more confidence and understanding of your own experience. There are slo some communities with a more specific kind of support like getting healthy fresh meals the first couple of weeks, or exchanging babysitting hours etc. Keep your eyes open for these.

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